Friday, April 1, 2011

zine 2 page 1

so funny story. i was convinced to be in typing competitions in 10th grade for fbla (future business leaders of america). but i had already taken acid and had no interest in leading businesses. but i did it because i had a huge crush on a girl. then. i won all these district competitions and went to state (for typing on a computer) and as i took this test which tested speed and accuracy, i actually wanted to win. so i flew through it. finishing 25 minutes before the anyone else. thought i won. but no. i typed objectively instead of objective. disqualified. why did i add an “ly”? thank “bob” i fucked that one uply itly mayly havely changedly thely coursely ofly myly lifely. ANYways. this is a picture of me that my mom took right before i left town to compete.

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